Adam Levine

Editor-in-Chief, Let's Talk Bitcoin

“I like to explain complicated topics in understandable terms.” That’s the promise made by Adam B. Levine, editor-in-chief of Let’s Talk Bitcoin!. Founded in April, 2013 LTB is a twice weekly audio show about the ideas, people and projects building Bitcoin and the new digital economy. The program is available for free at

Initially trained as an audio engineer before becoming a salesman, Adam spent the years following the global financial crisis teaching himself what money truly is in our debt-based financial systems. He founded Let’s Talk Bitcoin! in the days following the spring, 2013 bitcoin buying frenzy, and except in extreme circumstances, he does not comment on the price.

“Bitcoin is amazing for reasons that are just as true at $1 as they are at $10,000. But it does help if they’re closer to that second number.”

Much of the appeal for Adam comes from the inherent fairness of the Bitcoin system. “It’s about the rules” he says. “With networks operated by humans there tend to be distor- tions because those humans act in their own best interest. Bitcoin doesn’t care who you are or what you’re doing. If you want to use the network, you’ve got to follow the rules. Nothing arbitrary, nothing petty or personal. In our world, that is as revolutionary as it gets.”

Asked why he works full time on producing a show about Bitcoin, Adam replies, “When I was learning about Bitcoin, the only way you could have a real understanding was to spend hours or days on unfriendly forums trying to sort the reliable from the scams. What I’ve built with Lets Talk Bitcoin! is a platform for smart people with good ideas to share them with others who are just as excited about the future of this technology as they are. I’m more interested in philosophy than finance” he said, “but it happens that with Bitcoin they’re basically the same thing.” Adam can be reached at