Hieu Bui

Founder & CEO, BitDazzle

BitDazzle CEO Hieu Bui will tell you he’s really a reformed coder who found his calling as an entrepreneur after college summers spent building websites for consulting clients. Graduation saw him join with multiple partners to found WebAssist, an experience Bui credits with awakening his entrepreneurial spirit.

Last October, Bui put that spirit to work again with the launch of the BitDazzle marketplace.

BitDazzle is a collaboration between Bui’s other company, Cashie Commerce, and leading Bitcoin wallet Coinbase. BitDazzle makes a wide range of mainstream items—ranging from clothing, handmade soaps, household gadgets, jewelry and beauty products to art and gifts—available for purchase using Bitcoin. BitDazzle also boasts a handful of non-profit partners to which consumers can donate using Bitcoin.

Bui’s San Diego outpost more than 450 miles south of Silicon Valley provides a unique perspective on securing investment in his company. Meanwhile, his entrepreneurial experience gives him unique insights into the needs of the small businesspersons whose homespun goods he helps make available with the user-friendly BitDazle platform.

“Our goal is to bring mainstream sellers together with mainstream buyers to facilitate transactions using the most promising currency option the world has seen in decades,” says Bui. “Making products available for purchase with Bitcoin means lower fees and an expanded shopper universe for sellers.”

Bui’s penchant for practicing and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit finds its fullest expression in BitDazzle, which blends his own venture with thousands of small business partners around the world who sell their wares and who profit from the exposure to a cutting edge audience of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

“What’s so cool about Bitcoin is that it’s tailor-made for e-commerce,” he says. “Bitcoin is where Paypal was 10 years ago, and the sky is the limit.”