Max Wright

Founder, Success Council

Australians are a notably happy and optimistic people,ranking No. 10 on the U.N.’s most recent “World Happiness Report.” Native son Max Wright would appear to be no exception.

Not only is Wright a happily married husband of three years whose main venture is as founder and president of an organization called the “Success Council,” but he is currently engaged in the ultimate optimistic statement of preparing to bring a new child into the world with his wife (the couple’s first) this December.

Doesn’t get any more hopeful and chipper about life than that.

All of which makes it more interesting— though understandable in context— that Wright also spends a good deal of his time and energy sounding the alarm for what he views as a coming worldwide financial calamity. The cause? Massive government debt and the ultimate bust of the American dollar and other fiat currencies around the world.

Out of such a comparatively dark vision, the 36-year-old Wright works almost around the clock and around the world as a global entrepreneur, speaker and consultant, dedicated to the proposition that the whole mess could be avoided with enough planning, preparation and will. The end result, he brightly hopes and trusts, will be a new era of unprecedented human liberty, free of the political and financial tyranny that he says characterize most modern governments.

It will come as no surprise to those who have read thus far that Bitcoin plays a large role in Wright’s life and the solutions he proposes for the economic bust ahead. “I was a skeptic when I first came across Bitcoin late in October 2012,” he says. “My friend (investor and Bitcoin entrepreneur) Trace Mayer started telling me about it at a conference, but I thought: ‘Oh, computer money: that’s even worse than paper dollars. I was—and remain—a hard-core metals guy, gold and silver. So it took me several months of reading and immersing myself in the Bitcoin world, monetary policy and everything else, before I came to realize that Satoshi Nakamoto (the pseudonymous developer of Bitcoin) is a genius.”

From that point on, Wright began seamlessly weaving Bitcoin content and promotion into his Success Council website and other activities in which he urges readers and listeners to take a variety of measures that will protect all their worldly assets.

This careful treading through shadows is by now second nature for Wright, who emigrated from Australia years ago but maintains enough family, friends and business interests there to return with regularity. And it’s not as if he’s abandoned bright sunny climes, either: he currently splits his time between San Diego and St. Maarten in the Caribbean, neither of them noted for brooding existential angst.

Indeed, Wright sees remarkable possibilities ahead not only for entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin sphere, but more dramatically still for the legions of the world’s poor and dispossessed, who have not, notably enough, been lifted out of wretched poverty by the prevailing economic systems.

“I studied electrical engineering in college, then went into the corporate world for about six months before I realized it wasn’t for me,” he says. “I’ve been a serial entrepreneur ever since, and now I’m busy handing out lifejackets to people who don’t know they’re drowning yet. I look at it as a kind of philanthropy, because Success Council isn’t a big moneymaker. My other ventures support me. I think the success of Bitcoin and Success Council will benefit humanity more than any other philanthropic act I could perform.”